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How Much Should You Spend on SEO Services?


There is always a value you attach to anything that you decide to spend on. There are several factors that determine how much money you can put into an investment and in a similar way, you should consider several things when spending on your website SEO. This include:

The size of the market.

This simply is defined by the area within which you are willing to compete. It may be within a region, a country, a continent or even the whole world. The competition you will face in each region will be different and the much you spend will determine how best you would like your content to be accessed.

Your goals.

Your objectives define what you really want. If you want to improve in one specific area, then you can devote your spending to that area. Otherwise, there no way you will be willing to improve on 5 areas and spend on optimization of only one area. This means that when you want to spend on SEO for your website, you just don’t look at the website in general. You will need to specifically look at different specific parts of the site.

The level of competition.

You look at the level at which your competing websites are performing in terms of SEO. If they have been in optimizing for years now and you are just initializing, then you may need to budget more for SEO so that you get anywhere close to where they are. You cannot spend the same for your new site as the person who has been there for a long time now. Working with a company that offers Maine search marketing services that understand this is an important step.

The type of industry.

Some areas are more competitive and have their optimization done to high levels. You will be forced to pay the maximum amount if your industry is fierce in terms of competition. This will get you the best services which will match what the rest of the industry is offering and even more if you want to remain on top.

Based on the above factors, you may have to pay:

$250-$500 per month if you are running a small business within a small geographical coverage. These may be dental services, landscaping, restaurant or a garage. It is at this dollar level that you can easily be given the poorest quality of SEO so it is advisable to see what the bigger competitors are getting so that you get a comparatively good quality for your money.

$700-$1,500 per month if your target population is big but limited geographically by the nature of your business. These may be businesses that offer services within a town or city locality that have a larger population than which is covered by the person paying $500. If a locality has only a population of 4000 then a dental site may pay $300 and do fine but the same dollar cannot work when offering the same service in a locality with a population of 40000.

$2,000-$6,000 per month if your target market is regional, covering several cities and towns. This is the category for sites that are targeting a whole country, continent or even international population. However, this is when you are targeting a certain niche or a product that does not have much competition. Otherwise, the more mainstream you will need your product to get the more you will pay above your competitors.

$10,000+ per month if you are venturing internationally and you are not focused on a specific niche market. You cannot create too much high quality so there is no limit to how far you can go. Competition at this level requires a constant stream of new content. This is the success strategy at this level.

It is, therefore, right at this point to say that the tendency by some company to tell you to pay a price that cuts across all levels for all types of business is a means of ripping you off without necessarily considering your specific needs that are key to your success. The amount that you should pay for SEO services cannot be said to be exact for any website or venture. It always varies depending on the present, past, and most of all projected conditions for that specific business with consideration to the market.

Conclusively, SEO spending is more of investing so you have to weigh all the conditions that will determine how much you want to gain. It will give back what you optimally put into it.

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